Oral Care

  • Durable electric toothbrush with powerful sonic motor and professional brush heads that will clean & protect your teeth and gum?

    Kyoui Sonic 3000 Electric Toothbrush System

    Professional-grade Cleaning.  Designed to improve your oral care, Kyoui helps remove stains, plaque and tartar while taking better care of your gums.  Kyoui is the first and only EMF FREE electric toothbrush.  All the other brands...

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  • Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution - 8 oz

    Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution - 8 oz

    Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution was designed to enhance Ayurvedic oil pulling practices with the power of ozonation. What is oil pulling? Oil pulling is considered important for extracting unwanted microorganisms and toxins from the...

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  • Ozonated Tooth & Gum Support

    Ozonated Tooth & Gum Support

    PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support is made from fully ozonated organic olive oil and ozonated organic hemp oil with your choice of flavors. There's no fluoride or extra ingredients.Recently, ozonated olive oil has been recommended by several well known health...

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  • Ozonated Tooth Cleaning Powder Ozonated Tooth Cleaning Powder

    Ozonated Tooth Cleaning Powder

    Finally, there's a better way to keep your teeth clean with the power of ozone. Ozonated Tooth Cleaning Powder can help keep your mouth healthy and happy with all natural ingredients. No fluoride, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial...

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  • Ozone Dental Mouthpiece Ozone Dental Mouthpiece

    Ozone Dental Mouthpiece

      As more information comes out about how teeth and gum health affect overall health, ozone is becoming a front runner for dental health. The ozone mouthpiece is designed to evenly apply ozone to the top or bottom of the mouth. The unique...

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