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  • O3 Elite Single Ozone Generator with
Accessories O3 Elite Single Ozone Generator

    Complete Ozone Insufflation Package

    The Complete Ozone Insufflation package includes everything needed for ozone insufflations and ozonated water. O3Elite Single Ozone Generator with tubing and connectors Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct Teflon Earscope for Ear...

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  • DeVilbiss -Oxygen Generator 20 PSI 10 LITER DeVilbiss -Oxygen Generator 20 PSI 10 LITER

    DeVilbiss -Oxygen Generator 20 PSI 10 LITER

    This DeVilbiss HIGH PRESSURE oxygen concentrator is assembled in the USA and produces 10 liters-per-minute at 20 PSI. It is ideal for use with hyperbaric chambers, glassblowing, veterinary clinics, EMT, fish ponds and aquariums and...

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  • Glass Syringe with Stainless Steel Tip 100mL

    Glass Syringe with Stainless Steel Tip 100mL

    Measuring precise amounts of ozone is easy with a glass and stainless steel syringe. Glass syringes are great for measuring the amount of ozone gas needed for a syringe application. Comes complete with an on/off valve and Teflon barbed Luer lock...

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  • Low Flow Oxygen Regulator

    Low Flow Oxygen Regulator

    The Promolife Low Flow Oxygen Meter turns your high output oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank into a low flow device for ozone therapy. No need to buy a new concentrator or tank regulator, or make expensive alterations to one you already have. The Low...

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  • Oxygen Refill

    Oxygen Refill

    These tanks are for use with the regulator that is included with initial purchase  2 oxygen bottles with oxygen No regulator Used bottles are disposable (they are working on a recycling option)  Shipping Included 

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  • Teflon Earscope

    Teflon Earscope

    These Teflon earscopes are designed to direct ozone into the ears. This earscope has two advantages: it's made of ozone-resistant Teflon and comes with removable ear buds. This makes it easy to share the earscope with others and/or replace the ear buds...

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  • The Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

    The Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

    Providing 4.4 PSI – 1.3 ATA This chamber measures 33" in diameter This is an incredible value measuring 90" long Comes with redundant compressors (2) for added safety One auxiliary valve Two viewing windows Four round foam bolsters connected in a...

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