Hydrogen Water

  • Echo H2 Hydrogen Water Pitcher

    Echo H2 Hydrogen Water Pitcher

    You can now enjoy hydrogen water wherever you go with the Echo H2 Pitcher™. Simply fill up the H2 Pitcher™ with your choice of purified or filtered water, press and hold to cycle between 10- or 20-minutes cycles. 10 minutes generates 1...

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    NOTE:  DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH ALREADY EXISTING RO OR WHOLE HOME FILTRATION SYSTEMS.  IF YOU NEED A FILTER SYSTEM, SEE THE ECHO H2. Echo Server Hydrogen Water Machine Compact yet powerful the sleek modern design of the Echo H2® Server...

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    The Echo Ultimate™ makes four different types of water: 1. Hydrogen Water: filtered water with no pH change and up to 1.88ppm of H2 gas dissolved with a negative ORP or -400mv to -600mv. This is the water we recommend for drinking. 2...

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  • Echo® H2 Machine

    Echo® H2 Machine

    NOTE:  HAS ITS OWN FILTER SYSTEM.  IF YOU ALREADY HAVE RO OR A WHOLE HOME FILTER SYSTEM, SEE THE ECHO H2 SERVER. SHIPPING IS FREE! For the ultimate Hydration plus reduced oxidative stress and inflammation, try our Echo H2® Hydrogen Water...

    $2,995.00 - $3,114.99
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  • Echo® Replacement Filter

    Echo® Replacement Filter

    The Echo® 9 Replacement Filter is the official replacement filter for the: • Echo® 9 Ultra H2• Echo® 9• Echo® H2 Machine This filter is one of our proprietary filters that removes:*– Pesticides–...

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  • Flouride Filter

    Fluoride Filter

    This filter is an external filter designed to remove 99.98% fluoride out of your water. Due to the nature of fluoride and its difficulty to be removed from water, you will want to change out your fluoride filter once every 6 months to have maximum...

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  • Hard Water Filter

    Hard Water Filter

    The Hard Water Filter is an optional pre-filter, designed to be placed outside any Echo Water™ Machine. The Hard Water Filter is installed directly onto the inlet source waterline. This filter decreases the total dissolved solids (TDS) in your...

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  • Hydrogen Water Generator Hydrogen Water Generator

    Hydrogen Water Generator

    The Hydrogen water generator is a great way to add the benefits of antioxidant-rich water to your daily health regimen. Hydrogen is one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Some studies have shown that hydrogen may decrease the effects of...

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