• Melatonin-0331 Melatonin-0331


    10mg, 60 vegetarian capsules Melatonin is a hormone derived from the amino acid tryptophan. Primarily synthesized in your pineal gland, melatonin is released mostly at night to make falling asleep easier. In addition to healthy sleep support, melatonin...

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    Optimized Resveratrol-2230 Optimized Resveratrol-2230

    Optimized Resveratrol-2230

    Optimized Resveratrol combines 250 mg of resveratrol with complementary plant compounds. Together, these ingredients promote the expression of genes associated with healthy aging. These so-called longevity genes encourage the healthy structure and...

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  • Organic Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds - 16 oz Organic Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds - 16 oz

    Organic Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds - 16 oz

    Are You Throwing Away The Healthiest Part Of The Fruit?Most of us enjoy the outer sweet taste of many fruits like apricots, peaches, and cherries. But did you know that inside these fruits is what many cultures believe to be the healthiest part of the...

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  • Super Selenium Complex-1778 Super Selenium Complex-1778

    Super Selenium Complex-1778

    Levels of several health-promoting minerals, including selenium, have been shown to be high among some of the world’s longest-living people. Super Selenium Complex formula contains three forms of selenium, along with vitamin E, for optimized...

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  • Super Ubiquinol CoQ10-1431 Super Ubiquinol CoQ10-1431

    Super Ubiquinol CoQ10-1431

    200mg | 30 softgels CoQ10 promotes heart health and cellular energy production. Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™ is formulated with a highly bioavailable ubiquinol form of coenzyme Q10 and augmented with the adaptogen...

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  • Valerian Root Valerian Root

    Valerian Root

    Supports a natural transition to sleep so you can enjoy a good night of rest* HIGHLIGHTS Calming support for a natural transition to sleep* A traditional herb long used to promote a sense of relaxation* The evening help you need to enjoy a good...

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    Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU-1713 Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU-1713

    Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU-1713

    60 Softgels | Non-GMO Supplementing with vitamin D goes a long way. Vitamin D helps preserve youthful cognitive function, supports bone and immune system health, helps maintain already-healthy blood pressure, encourages a healthy inflammatory response...

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    Zinc Caps-1813

    Product Details 90 Vegetarian Capsules  Zinc supports your body’s natural immune response. But zinc deficiency is common, especially in older people.1 This can contribute to aging-related decline in immune function.1,2 But zinc...

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